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NICKNAMES: wolf / howl
SEX: woof
AGE: 19 (2004)
STATUS: The current mood of Z0MBIEDEER at
    howdy. i'm the guy that runs this place. i don't really fancy myself to have a name so really you can refer to me however you want :) i'm some kind of dog thing from the gulf coast now residing in bigfoot territory PNW. i'm an artist with a variety of themes ranging from typical furry art to gay cowboys to extreme viscera.

    one of, if not my biggest passions, are animals and ecology, more specifically north american wildlife (especially wolves), mustelids and bugs :) i grew up on beach surrounded by dolphins and alligators and wolf memorabelia, i love love love animals big and small and love having the chance to rant about them :)

    as to why i've found myself in the Tech World, i grew up with an ever-growing appreciation for 90s-2000s technology and online culture, primarily furry + creepypasta scenes, having grown up surrounded by it well into the 2010s. exploring my adulthood through obsolete tech is probably the funnest hobby i've picked up (thx robin) and i love rediscovering all the stuff from my childhood, and expanding upon hobbies where i left them off a decade ago as a baby. also i find it fun indulging in stupid shit i would have gotten really embarassed about as a kid hence my beautiful wings sprouting in the shape of a born-again transexual wolfdog. everyone should aspire to fufill a degree of harmless self indulgence to satisfy

    other things i'm passionate about include:

    > horror as a genre, i love horror movies and games, as well as old internet horror stories like classic creepypastas. i really like zombies, werewolves, classic slashers, and practical effects, as well as the color red. so. win-win genre for me all around, ties extremely well into my fascination of analog media too. i could go on for hours about how special gore as a from of art is to me, and the beauty of morality... but also guts are just fun sometimes

    > in similar vein to the beauty of mortality, i love taxidermy and animal remnants (bones, pelts, wet specimens etc.)

    > BUGS! i love entomology soooo much, and getting into it as a kid reshaped my perception of the world permanently, the way they function and move and live is so beautiful and small to me

    > paranormal science (ghost hunting, ufology etc.) is something i've always found really cool i love the tech they use

    > folklore and cultures are extremely beautiful to me and i love learning about them and sharing my own with others. extremely broad i know but it really is just all cultures, i'm in love with how intrinsic stories and traditions are to being human

    > animatronics, i love the history of animatronic entertainment as well as the way their mechanisms functions and use in film, ive have been enthralled with them ever since i first saw the original jaws ride at universal studios that shark animatronic was the coolest thing in the world to me when i was 8

    > WEBKINZ! my biggest collection of anything ever, the bulk of my most prized possessions, and my biggest lifelong media interest. i adore webkinz, even if i don't play the game that much. i always pick them up from the thrift store when i see them because i think all beasts deserve a home. i love you webkinz. so so so much

    > gravity falls :) this show got me through the worst years of my life, as well as shaped me during while i was growing up. i will forever be greatful to it

    there is a bunch of other stuff i find cool but im running out of steam writing this... feel free to ask about them :)(most are listed on my spacehey ) i don't consider myself extremely social or outgoing, but i love talking to people with the same interests as me you guys are cool and i'm not biased
    that being said, feel free to add me on discord if you ever want to try and spark a conversation (@rosrets) or send me an ask on tumblr (also @rosrets )