• feeling: The current mood of Z0MBIEDEER at www.imood.com
  • name: [REDACTED]
  • nicknames: howl / ros / ferret
  • age: 18 (2004)
  • occupation: keter class
  • general: entomology, north american wildlife, zoology, forestry, webkinz, environmental science + ecology, paranormal science, urban legends, furbies, folklore, horror, medical history, marxist theory, zombies
  • games: sonic the hedgehog, psychonauts, team fortress 2, minecraft, table top rpgs
  • television: gravity falls, mob psycho 100, futurama
  • fav animal: mustelids, deer, coyotes, bears, wolves, pigeons, sheep, goats
  • fav food: egg sandwich, sushi, soups and stews
  • fav drink: dr pepper, peach tea
  • hobbies: art, photography, coding, learning norwegian, casual gaming, foraging
  • collections: webkinz, rocks, pins, bottles, taxidermy and other dead things, blinkies
  • heroes: shadow the hedgehog

  • hi im the creator of this website... on the internet... im not very good at talking about myself nor do i feel it super nessescary im just some guy on the webs here to have a good time. this site is just for me to practice coding and insert some of my personality into its own special place because i fucking hate using social media for anything other than pretty pictures

    i make furry art and a variety of fanart, consider myself a superfan of sorts of shadow the hedgehog, and am known for my inability to shut up about bugs and ecology (all very important to me) i love to collect trinkets and dead things, and my largest collection is my 100+ webkinz plushies (i love them a lkot .) also i play chicken smoothie here look at my guy --->
    his name is bagel bites ive had him since i was like 12
    ill add more if i think of anything but until then... sparkle on... never forget to be yourself